Programming for Web (E371087, E375002)

Range: 2 h lectures per week, 2 h training (exercises) per week, classification mainly by project, 4 or 5 credits. Lectures in a computer classroom (you can try everything immediately). Summer (=spring) semester only.

E375002: classification only by project
E371087: classification will be modified approx. +/- one level by examination

Syllabus on the Erasmus & exchange support server (E375002).

Classification: ECTS, 80% points from training (project), 20% final exam (see link for the details).

Examination: May 24, 2018, probably from 14:30, in room 308. Bring your project for presentation.

Next exam date: June 4, in the same room (308, from 14:30). Send me an email three days before, if you like to participate on this exam.

If anybody miss assesment or creditals, please write to Thanks.

For editing files, I would like to recommend pspad. It can be used without installation, by unzipping of this archive to any directory (for example, desktop). This is an older version without ftp; for use on your notebook, find this program on the internet and install it.

Local web server: If you prefer local solution on your own server, you can install all the programs on your computer (for example, notebook). The complete solution typically means Apache and MySQL in one package (in this case, it contains php interpreter). There are many such packages, for example xampp. If it contains phpMyAdmin, you can use it for the preparation of your database . This package can be used on MS Windows and the Mac; on Linux, you should have complete web server installation in your distribution.

Free web hosting: Try to ask Google about free website php sql. I found,,, Free Web Hosting Area, etc.

Texts for some of exercises (training)

1. Html, styles

2. Javascript (example: picture preview, traffic lights)

3. php intro; create your own universal form response for forms debugging.

4. Cookies

5. SQL - the lecture on the DKS subject page

6. SQL in php, part one, universal SQL interface (mysqli, php code only)

7. SQL in php, part two

8. SQL in php, part three (not tested)

9. Pictures in php

10. php counter:  

11. File upload

12. Javascript canvas examples.

13. Javascript "use widget" examples.

14. Redirect, reload, timing.

Example: User registration (& debug)

Projects presentation, classification. Notes.

Preparation for a seminar: Form validation (not yet tested on students)

More: data from remote server, thermometer example.

php & OOP: try to create a graph with JpGraphs.

Javascript example: Quartic equation, another Quartic

The original name of this course was Web Programming with the code E375002. This subject is part of the Instrumentation and control engineering study plans. Some other subjects web pages: Database and Knowledge Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, subjects in the electrical engineering specialization, Pascal Programming (Delphi), Java, Simulation of Biological Systems, Python, Psychology,... Prospectus for academic year 2018/19.

New: Databases moved to a new location, and the winter course now has its own page: Databases, SQL and Access