Database and Knowledge-base Systems

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Code: E371079
Range: 3+1, 5 credits, finished by examination
Lecturer: Prof. Ing. Jiří Bíla, DrSc. (on the photo)

Other teachers:
ing. Vladimír Hlaváč (
doc. ing. Ivo Bukovský, Ph.D. (


Examination topics

On-line literature for the Database part:

Pallaw, Vijay Krishna: Database Management Systems
(this book is available for the Czech Technical University students, using this link, but only from the university computers. It can be read in computer classrooms - for example, room 405a (computers for individual work), or by notebooks in the Technická 4 building in Dejvice using WiFi with user logged into Fsroam.)

Isrd Group: Introduction to Database Management Systems
(can be read from the Google books, with limited pages per day; some of the pages are restricted completely, but they are not needed for our subject).

(both are too extended for the level of this subject)

M. Brydon´s MS Access Tutorial.

Dr. Michael Redmond course materials.

Prof. Rich Holowczak Access Course

Examples for classes:

software: local copy of the Micka installation (see for more information about Micka), putty (for ssh connection to server).

Nest manual.

Saze application (for use in computer classroom no. 404 and 308 only). Table as an example of testing data.

List of topics for the students' research teams.



1. Introduction into: Databases, Artificial intelligence

2. Databases - Introduction

3. Relational Databases, Table Example

4. SQL and Micka

5. E-R Diagrams

6. MS Access

7. SQL: users & rights; stored procedures & triggers

7a. Data mining - use Google (example:UCLA)

(the materials for the lectures from 2 to 7 have been developed only as support for the lectures and are explained during presentation; they are not intended to be used for self-studying).

8. Fuzzy Sets (MS Word)

9. Fuzzy Logic (MS Word)

10. Knowledge based system ETS (MS Word)

11. Ruled based systems (MS Word)

12. Expert systems (MS Word)

13. Example: Qualitative Modeling and Monitoring presentation (MS Powerpoint)