Programmable Controlers

Abbreviation: PCA
Code of the course: 237 1060
Teachers: Ing. Marie Martinásková, Ph.D., Mgr. Ing. Jakub Jura.

Requirements to assessment

Attendance on the classes and elaboration and presentation of the semestral project (according to teacher instructions).
One absence is permitted.

Requirements to exam


Study materials


Lectur File
1 Number systems, codes, signals Lecture_2.ppt
2 Boolean operations - fundamentals Lecture_3.ppt
3 Boolean functions – advanced Lecture_4.ppt
4 Sequential functions and circuits Lecture_5.ppt
5 Clock-Mode Sequential Machines - Gas burner start up (application example) Lecture 8.ppt
6 Petri Net - Reaction tank – an application example Lecture 9_N.ppt
7 Petri net - examples Petri_net_examples.ppt
8 PLC producers, HMI, Visualization Lecture_11N.ppt
9 Programming of PLC – part 1 (Languages LD,IL,FBD,SFC,ST) Lecture_12.ppt
10 Programming of PLC – part 2 (Timers, Counters, Safety of PLC systems) Lecture_13.ppt


Lesson File
1 Deleting Chain Algorithm deleting-chain.doc
2 Comunication of the STEP 7 with PLC S7 200 use RS 232 SerioveSpojeniPLC-S7-200.pdf
3 Homework HOMEWORK_1.doc