Computer Network Administration

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Code: E372025
Range: 2+1, 3 credits, finished by classified assessment only (classification based on work on training)
Teacher: Vladimír Hlaváč (


This subject is too small to contain information about programming. For creating scripts, you can use the php language. If you are interested about the php, you can enroll the E371087 Programming for Web course. The rest of our programming courses are in the winter (=fall) semester only. (CNA contains simple bash programming in range of 90-minute lecture).

On-line literature:

The following literature is only for people, who are interested in this problematic; for passing this course, the lectures should be sufficient.

More then half of the subject range is described on the web page. For explaining the Linux operating system, the Slackware distribution would be better then Debian, but Debian has much stronger support and most of the students prefer this.

Training (laboratory) support:

We have no virtual servers here. For most tasks, pair of students will get a computer and installation CD (DVD); if there will be more then four group, we will switch the harddisks.

Training list (planned):

  1. Install MS Windows from the CD/DVD. We can try to install version from 10 to XP (8.1 recommended). Installation should include users, administrators, device configuration, patches and updates, antivir system, necessary environment configuration (i.e. NumLock, hiding of extension settings, etc.).
  2. HW installation. Changing harddrives, preparing cables, setting of a separated network (course on real computers, harddrives dedicated for the course allows hardware sharing).
  3. Install selected Linux distribution (Debian or Slackware recommended). Settings, as for MS Windows.
  4. Text mode console commands. Cron, scripts.
  5. Work with server - SQL, Apache, FTP/SFTP, mail. Mail robots.
  6. Server as a firewall, ip sharing (NAT, DNAT, masquerade). Server behind the firewall.
  7. Novell Netware administration, if anyone interested. Novell is not used for many years, but is useful to describe, how the server can work.

There are 6 trainings per semester. Five tasks should be solved for assessment (at least partially, for example some cron tasks for the 4th task is enough, but we count points for the classification).

putty (for ssh connection to server). Robot task description (training part).



(other presentations available for registered students only)

physical.ppt | datalink-network.ppt


Examples of the work of our students:

This subject is classified by the students work on classes and the final report.
Examples of students' reports:

Windows 8 Installation, maintenance

VNC server and client